Connecticut is “Bear Country”

UConn The Bears Are Back


Black bears (Ursus americanus) have become an unmistakable presence in Connecticut. As their population has grown, these adaptable omnivores have expanded their range to include both rural and suburban areas of the state, bringing them into close proximity with people. Black bears’ increasingly conspicuous presence has raised many questions about the Connecticut population. Research being conducted at the University of Connecticut aims to better understand the effects of development and land-use patterns on black bear ecology and behavior in Connecticut. One of the biggest research questions is, how many bears call Connecticut home? The Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) has created an  interactive story map to showcase some of the research results. Bear selfies included.


Researchers, educators, community members, wildlife enthusiasts, state and public officials, “bear people”


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Cary Chadwick, Michael Evans


Center for Land Use Education and Research, University of Connecticut

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Cary Chadwick

Cary Chadwick is the Geospatial Training Program coordinator at University of Connecticut’s Center for Land Use Education and Research(CLEAR), part of UConn Extension. More info