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Cambridge MA Story Maps


ArcGIS Online offers a wide variety of different tools and applications for the GIS community. Story Maps are especially popular because of their simplicity and versatility. You’ve seen the demos, been to the workshops, maybe even opened up a few builder apps yourself, but what’s next? How do you leverage the story map application to help engage your users and the public? How can you organize and share these stories? And most importantly, how can you unify and brand these story maps for your organization?

Cambridge GIS asked those questions and found a way to engage different City departments and share their story maps with the public. They used basic HTML/CSS to design the Cambridge GIS Online Organization homepage to help users get connected to more GIS resources. This story will give you a look inside how Cambridge implemented story maps in their community and allow you to explore different methods for organizing and sharing your completed story maps with your users and the public.


Story Map Users and Developers


Esri ArcGIS Online, Esri Story Map

Key people:

Katie Grillo


City of Cambridge, MA

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