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The Resource

The University of Rhode Island Environmental Data Center has a series of blog posts related to the use of ArcGIS for Desktop to create maps and manage data, particularly imagery.

The Technology

Information available on the blog includes variety of useful workflows that can be employed in ArcGIS for Desktop (a.k.a. ArcMap), such as utilizing mosaic datasets to process large collections of orthoimagery. There are a number of blog postings focused on this topic, such as a three part blog that walks users through the creation of a pansharpened mosaic dataset. Posts also contains useful information on creating custom color ramps, processing USGS topographic maps, and using the field calculator to edit strings in the attribute table. These blog posts focus on established users of the software.

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Erica Tefft

Erica is a Research Associate at the Environmental Data Center at the University of Rhode Island and is Adjunct Faculty at Eastern Connecticut State University More info