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The University of Rhode Island Environmental Data Center is a GIS and spatial data analysis laboratory in the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Natural Resources Science, College of the Environment and Life Sciences. We support a wide variety of research projects including: spatial data modeling, ecological mapping and data integration of a variety of environmental applications. The EDC is considered the center for geospatial expertise in the state of Rhode Island.

The EDC started a blog to provide fellow GIS practitioners access to GIS workflows on a wide range of topics such as ArcGIS Online, LiDAR, orthoimagery, and ArcMap. By providing these proven workflows to the GIS community we hope to promote the creation of high-quality data products.

The Technology

Many of the EDC staff contribute to the blog, however the most regular contributors are Aimee Mandeville and Erica Tefft, both research associates with the lab. Aimee’s primary area of expertise is ArcGIS Online; publishing & sharing content and creating accessible applications. Erica’s blog posts focus primarily on data processing utilizing ArcMap, with an emphasis on ways to process LiDAR and orthoimagery data to achieve high-quality results.

The EDC blog covers four main applications of geospatial technologies. Click on the blue buttons below to learn more about the type of content available for each section.

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About the author

Aimée Mandeville

Aimée Mandeville is a Research Associate with the University of Rhode Island's Environmental Data Center More info

About the author

Erica Tefft

Erica is a Research Associate at the Environmental Data Center at the University of Rhode Island and is Adjunct Faculty at Eastern Connecticut State University More info