Getting Started with QGIS


The Resource

The GIS Office at American Red Cross assists in international disaster response and disaster preparedness programs.  They maintain a website with some of the geospatial tools they use as part of their outreach work.  The site is aimed at other Red Cross Societies around the globe, but is also pertinent to users interested in learning how to use geospatial software.

The Technology

QGIS (or Quantam GIS) is a free, open-source geographic information system that is available for use on almost all platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android.  This resource assumes no prior knowledge with QGIS or any other geospatial software, and provides assistance in downloading and installing the QGIS software.  All training data used in the tutorial are available for download.  While this resource uses QGIS in its training, the basic principles learned here are applicable across geospatial software domains.

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About the author

Christina Herrick

Christina Herrick is a part-time foodie and full-time scientist. She currently works at the University of New Hampshire as an interdisciplinary researcher and geospatial science ninja within Earth Systems Research Center, Cooperative Extension, and the Departments of Political Science, Anthropology, and Kinesiology.