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The Resource

Have some data stuck in a spreadsheet?  Google Fusion Tables are a way to transform tabular data into visual representations–and if your spreadsheet has some geospatial data attached, you can map it–for free.  There are many tutorials and examples of Fusion Tables on the internet, but a great place to start is directly with Google.  They provide example data and step-by-step instructions, and start you with the basics.  They also provide tutorials to expand your capabilities when you’re ready.

The Technology

Google Fusion Tables are cloud-based, meaning all you need is internet access and a web browser.  Data can be imported from existing spreadsheets (like Microsoft Excel, Apache OpenOffice, or LibreOffice) or created online from scratch using Google Sheets.  Users sign up for a free Google account (or use an existing one, like Gmail) to get started.  All data is stored on Google Drive and can be posted online, shared with others for collaboration or storytelling.

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Tutorials to Get Started More Tutorials from Google Examples



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Christina Herrick is a part-time foodie and full-time scientist. She currently works at the University of New Hampshire as an interdisciplinary researcher and geospatial science ninja within Earth Systems Research Center, Cooperative Extension, and the Departments of Political Science, Anthropology, and Kinesiology.