sUAS Operations Technician DACUM

The Resource

GeoTEd-UAS is a project that is funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF).  One component of the GeoTEd-ATE program was to support educators in their efforts to develop appropriate curriculum through a process known as a DACUM (Developing a Curriculum).    The DACUM process is led by a panel, or focus group, that is comprised of individuals that are hold professional responsibilities associated with the particular employment sector. In this case, 8 sUAS technicians, identify the daily tasks, duties, and responsibilities associated with their jobs. These duties and tasks are charted, or mapped.  This chart provides a foundation for educators to build courses, curricula, and / or certificate programs.

The Technology

This particular DACUM was developed for sUAS operations technicians.  The sUAS OT DACUM is intended to support the education of entry level sUAS technicians.

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John McGee is an Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation (FREC) at Virginia Tech. More info