Working with Remote Sensing using ArcGIS Desktop – 2nd Edition

The Resource

Remote Sensing Analysis in an ArcMap Environment (2nd edition) is available as either a Kindle ebook or in hardcopy. This tutorial uses publicly available Landsat data to support individual or course instruction.  While the text is not intended to be a replacement for theoretical text or a remote sensing  course, it does provide step by step instructions on how to navigate through many of the tools available in ArcMap to support remote sensing analysis. Online videos accompany each chapter.  These videos are available via the Virginia Geospatial Extension Program YouTube Channel.

The Technology

This tutorial requires a working knowledge of ArcMap (version 10.3 or higher). The text is applicable for ArcMap, not ArcGIS Pro.

The 2nd edition incorporates instructions for using Landsat 8 imagery within the ArcGIS Desktop environment.

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About the author

John McGee

John McGee is an Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation (FREC) at Virginia Tech. More info