MapASyst at the University of New Hampshire in October 2013 with MapASyst and eXtension logos
<b>What is MapASyst?</b>
MapASyst (pronounced "map assist") is responsible for the Geospatial Technology resource area within eXtension. We are a community devoted to the outreach and education for geospatial technologies and their application to today's world. We provide information on using geospatial technologies and how geospatial technologies are making a difference in peoples’ lives.
<b>How did MapASyst get started?</b>
The team began it's collaboration as an outreach and education effort through the National Geospatial Technology Extension Network (NGTEN) to provide clientele and other Internet visitors with a single source of reliable and up-to-date information. We strive to provide baseline information on geospatial technologies, a knowledge base of frequently asked questions, and access to science based peer reviewed articles and guides.
<b>What does MapASyst do?</b>
We provide a variety of online resources for people to learn about the application of geospatial technologies with a particular focus on their use for outreach and engagement. We will provide examples of maps, stories about the way in which maps are being used, and inspiration/instruction on the use of selected technologies through webinars and how-to's.