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<b>How can I join MapASyst?</b>
Our community is STILL composed of a variety of of users of geospatial technologies, including outreach specialist, educators and practitioners. While many members are based in academia, we are actively seeking members is all disciplines and sectors.

If you are part of U.S. Cooperative Extension System (CES) or an affiliated organization, such as:

  • Land-Grant Institutions
  • U.S. Government personnel affiliated with Cooperative Extension
  • Extension-related organizations working on projects with Cooperative Extension staff
  • State colleges
Go ahead and sign up for your eXtension ID. Make sure to check us as one of your communities.

If you are not part of Cooperative Extension or an affiliated organization:

Please connect with us on Twitter using @mapasyst or in person with Shane Bradt
Follow us on social media:

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We are looking for good examples of how maps are being used for effective communication, particularly as it relates to outreach and engagement.

We are also interested in knowing what types of webinars and how-to's would be useful to people hoping to use maps for outreach activities.

If you have a map, stories and/or idea you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you.